Europe Farm Job Sponsorship

Europe Farm Job Sponsorship

Job Description

Europe Farm Job Sponsorship, Farm and ranch animal farmworkers care for live animals, including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, poultry, finfish, shellfish, and bees. These animals usually are raised to supply meat, fur, skins, feathers, eggs, milk, or honey.

General farm workers plant, cultivate and harvest crops, raise livestock and poultry and maintain and repair farm equipment and buildings. General farm workers perform some or all of the following duties: Plant, fertilize, cultivate, spray, irrigate and harvest crops. Feed and tend livestock and poultry.

In animal husbandry – farmers concentrate on providing healthy, hearty livestock for later processing for consumption. Farmers often specialize in one type of animal in this field, carefully breeding the livestock to produce the best quality offspring each season.

Farmers and ranchers oversee and contribute to every step of the ranging process and crop production to include herding, planting, harvesting, and fertilizing. They purchase farm machinery, seed, fertilizers, and other supplies and ensure machinery and equipment are in good repair and well-maintained.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Les Lamas de l’Aubaine
Post Name General Farm Worker
Qualification Any Graduate
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary EUR 6 To EUR 12 Per Hour
Location Saint-Sornin, Allier, France 03240

About Organization

Our llamas are now all gone – and this site remains for interest only. We hope the background information might be helpful to someone who is considering keeping llamas for fun or as a business.

We have been raising llamas in France for several years, but we’ve now reached the point where we are ready to retire from the business and spend more time with our grandchildren. All our remaining llamas are now for sale.

On this site, you will find brief details of the animals we have for sale – look at the menu items under “Catalogue” above. We have also included some pages of background information – look at the menu items under “New to llamas?” above -which we hope will be helpful, especially if you are new to keeping llamas.

Llamas make very satisfying pets for people with some spare land, and they can also generate some income through breeding or tourist activities. We only sell to owners who are able to offer a proper home to llamas, but don’t be put off if you are inexperienced  – we can help with advice and support, before and after purchase.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site, using the links on the navigation bar above. You can contact us by email or phone if you have queries or want to chat about the possibility of buying llamas. If you are new to llama keeping, you might want to start with the section designed for novices. Otherwise, you can go straight to the catalogue of available llamas.


  • Planting, fertilizing and harvesting plants.
  • Feeding and herding groups of animals.
  • Providing special diets and care for animals.
  • Collecting food or animal products.
  • Performing manual labor.
  • Operating farm equipment.


  • Irrigate farm soil and maintain ditches or pipes and pumps.
  • Operate and service farm machinery and tools.
  • Apply fertilizer or pesticide solutions to control insects, fungi, and weeds.
  • Move plants, shrubs, and trees with wheelbarrows or tractors.


  • Dexterity. Agricultural workers need excellent hand-eye coordination to harvest crops and operate farm machinery.
  • Listening skills. Agricultural workers need to work well with others.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Physical strength.
  • Mechanical skills.


  1. Instills a passion, love, and respect for land.
  2. Builds character.
  3. Instills a good work ethic.
  4. Teaches responsibility.
  5. Facilitates a bond with family and a common project.
  6. Teaches responsibility.
  7. Provides lots of room for youth to play.

Safety Tips

  • We do not promise a job or an interview in exchange for money
  • Research the job and the company details on the internet before you apply for any job
  • Note: There are no shortcuts to success in a career you should struggle a lot to
  • Beware of Career Consulting scams and Recruiting scams. If any HR is asking for money and assuring you to get a job then we will suggest not to go with that instead move out and look for another company job.
  • Read the Safety Tips properly before applying for Europe Farm Job Sponsorship.

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