3D art is essential for the future of social virtual reality applications and their communities. We are committed to providing Avatars that represent everyone’s identity authentically in both current and yet-to-be-invented experiences. As a Character Artist, you will design and sculpt character models. Your work will make Avatars shine across all experiences, including: VR, mobile and augmented reality. You understand traditional techniques and are keen to apply them to real time workflows. You will partner with other artists, rendering engineers and product managers to deliver impactful products that reach a global audience. Join us in creating the future!

3D Character Artist, Avatars Responsibilities

  • Sculpt stylized Character models
  • Champion the highest quality and fidelity of Avatars, while partnering with engineering to fit within performance constraints of real time targets
  • Build and document templates and best practices that scale to the variety of Avatars supported, with an emphasis on stability and performance 
  • Define LOD workflows and setups that allow Avatars to retain their unique look and creative intent across various render targets and platforms


Minimum Qualifications

  • Knowledge of human anatomy, and demonstrated experience of applying it to stylized characters
  • 5+ years experience with modeling for games or film
  • Experience in modeling characters in a range of styles, and working within the constraints of each
  • Knowledge of 3D modeling and asset creation packages like Maya, ZBrush etc.
  • Demonstrated experience with levels of detail
  • A portfolio that demonstrates hero character work

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience influencing and collaborating with Engineering teams
  • Drawing, sculpting, and other traditional art skills
  • Experience working with realtime rendering engines such as Unity and Unreal
  • Experience providing creative direction to other Artists
  • Experience with avatar/character customization and creation pipelines
  • Past work documenting guidelines/procedures for outsourcing