At Nuna, our mission is to make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to tackling one of our nation’s biggest problems with ingenuity, creativity, and a keen moral compass.Nuna is committed to simple principles: a rigorous understanding of data, modern technology, and most importantly, compassion and care for our fellow human. We want to know what really works, what doesn’t—and why.

Nuna partners with healthcare payers, including government agencies and health plans, to turn data into learnings and information into meaning.


Nuna Engineering builds technology to enable users (from data scientists to analysts to policy-makers) to understand healthcare data while ensuring its integrity, security and privacy. Our work runs the gamut from joining streams of messy real-world data to building queryable data warehouses to constructing visualizations and dashboards that provide actionable insight. We build systems that are auditable, as automated as possible, an accurate representation of the underlying data, and, most importantly, responsive to our end users’ needs. We strive for a creative, collaborative engineering environment that implements best practices of peer review, readability, maintainability, and security of the code base and infrastructure.

As a Principal Engineer on Nuna’s Experiences team, you’ll contribute directly to the consumer-facing interface of every product our users touch. You will design and build configurable, scalable application frameworks that deliver an “Apple quality” user experience and bring junior engineers up-to-speed on best practices to continue long-term development on those applications, changing a zero-sum game of competition between payers and providers into patient-centered collaboration. You’ll create and refine architectural designs, integrations, and development processes across a team of 30+ engineers and coordinate cross-org collaboration. Your contributions will help hospitals improve patient outcomes, enable health plans to pay for quality-of-care rather than quantity-of-care, and match patients to optimal doctors.


In this role, you will:

  • Drive technical strategy and architecture across Nuna’s platform
  • Provide technical guidance to software development teams, training to engineers, and vision to executive teams
  • Help create an environment in which developers can thrive
  • Design APIs and service architectures that multiply the effectiveness of internal and external developers serving millions of patients
  • Manage our high stakes production environment, ensuring high availability/low latency while protecting our sensitive data with rigorous security
  • Identify significant opportunities to improve our products and underlying technology blazing trails through ambiguity
  • Align cross functional teams with effective communication, and drive company culture with Nuna’s core values
  • Mentor more junior engineers and, in turn, learn from more senior engineers, because we are learners, not knowers, and growing Nuna’s people is the most reliable way to scale our impact
  • Work as part of a team, not in a silo – at Nuna, we rise by lifting others!


  • Expertise in python, django AWS Architecture
  • Expertise in synthesizing complex technical requirements, designs, trade-offs, and capabilities into clear decisions, and track record of influencing both business and product direction
  • Experience scaling complex systems and full-stack web-based applications with efficient, secure, and load tested interactions
  • Experience working with executive to intern levels with effective negotiating and influencing skills
  • Experience delegating tasks and evaluating performance of projects
  • Experience providing creative solutions and offering theories that solve complex problems and create values for our customers
  • Experience rapidly prototyping new product concepts, especially for enterprise clients
  • Experience in choosing and implementing compatible front-end and back-end frameworks, defining the interfaces for them to work together seamlessly, and architecting and prototyping the frameworks to enable continued development by more junior engineers across teams
  • You’re passionate about both front-end and back-end test-driven development
  • A desire toward a long-term career path in a hands-on technical role

We take into account an individual’s qualifications, skillset, and experience in determining final salary. This role is eligible for health insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits, participation in the company’s equity program, paid time off, including vacation and sick leave. The expected salary range for this position is $240,000 to $310,000. The actual offer will be at the company’s sole discretion and determined by relevant business considerations, including the final candidate’s qualifications, years of experience, and skillset.

Nuna is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics and/or veteran status.

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