We’re looking for a skilled marketing enthusiast to serve as our Product Marketing Manager. More than formal marketing background or a ton of super specific experience, we’re looking for an entrepreneurial person that can think outside of the box and wants to take a full stack marketing role. You’ll work on a close-knit team benefiting from our product-building experience to help us launch a new sister-brand that focuses on developing and growing our own SaaS products. This is a fully-remote, permanent, full-time position.
This is for you if:

This is the right position for you if you have some (or all?) of the below.

1. Some full-stack marketing experience
We don’t expect you to be an expert at everything but you need to have played around (and ideally gotten some real-world experience) with stuff like social media, content marketing, cold outreach/outbound, newsletters, organic reach, product marketing. Either working for someone else or on your projects.

2. A lot of willingness to learn on the job.
We will learn from you, you’ll learn from us. You will have to figure things out for the first time and we want someone that is willing to do so.

3. A self-starter mentality
We want someone that gets shit done. You will take lead and initiative and you’re comfortable with not having a list of things provided for you to do daily.

4. Entrepreneurial at heart
You will help us build up and launch initiatives. You will brainstorm and apply techniques to grow the heck out of our products. You are an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for communicating and marketing products.

5. Comfortable with english as main language
Even if it isn’t your native language you are comfortable with language. We have support for larger copy efforts but we hope you can pull some on your own, on top of communicating with everyone.

6. Comfortable with being told no…
Sometimes we will want to do things a certain way. We have strong convinctions

7… But ready and happy to chime in with your thoughts and energy.
We want you to make suggestions, discuss and push us.

9. Comfortable with tech
This is important. We sell web/mobile dev and some of our products are targeted at a more tech / Entrepreneurial audience. Knowing what HN, Indie hackers, ProductHunt etc is is important and how to leverage them too.

10. Comfortable with moving fast and things changing.
If you’re not this is not for you!

Note: You’ll see we never specify stuff like “Be a team player” or “Be dedicated” and stuff like that. That is a base requirement for any position these days, but just know we also like these things people usually ask for:  motivated, focused, hard-worker that likes to grow and learn more, that works well with others and has a positive attitude

What you’ll do:

You’ll be responsible to do marketing for our services and products. So there’s a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. A lot of what you’ll do we can’t predict right now, but here’s some stuff…

1. Social Media
You will keep our social media profiles up to date with relevant no fluffy content. You will research content, make recommendations, ask for what you need and ensure stuff gets out. This is for our main account as well as for that of our products.

2.  The 20 in 80/20
We will need you to support us with setting up transactional emails for our products, making sure SEO is setup on pages, sharing images are ok etc. As we launch our microSaaS initiatives you’ll have a role in ensuring they are nurtured.

3. Running Ads
We expect you to be able to run campaigns across Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit and linkedin. You will have budget, guidance and materials. Sometimes you might need to pull something together in Canva but if you need specific help (e.g. fine tune ads in Reddit we are happy to pay for the time to investigate or for someone to help).

4. Content marketing
Making sure we are pumping out content by either writing it or coordinating those doing it. These are for e-books, social media or landing pages.

5. Support launches
Support product and service launches with preparing promotion in specific communities, materials and bringing everyone together.

6. Outreach / Outbound campaigns
Reaching out to potential clients through cold outreach campaigns (setting it up, designing a plan around it) that are well thought-out

7. PR
Get us some visibility by finding and reaching out to key outlets around our launches and major milestones

8. Coordinate execution of material
E.g. case studies and marketing collaterals.

9. Plan campaigns
For example a launch on product hunt. Making sure everyone is ready, material created, outreach planned.

10. Anything to move the needle
Part of the exciting thing here is what we don’t know yet. We will learn a lot in the job.

What is in for you?

– An unique challenge that will give you first-hand real-world no-bullshit experience in launching and growing digital products as well as in selling digital services;
– Insane levels of ownership, independence and responsibility;
– Fast-track to a leadership position within the organization on the marketing and sales area;
– Competitive salary proposal for position and location;
– Work from anywhere with our remote policy. We know sometimes the best work is done in the beach (or mountain, or… )
– Bonuses for performance indicators we’d mutually agree;
– Be part of our profit-sharing program and take a slice of ColorElephant’s collective success;
– Flexible vacation/days off policy
– Training / Self-Development Yearly Package
– Be involved in building products from the ground-up working up-close with engineers, designers and some of the best entrepreneurs and enterprise leads around the world;
– Yearly Bonuses Program
– Paid parental leave / Flexible conditions on return
– Continuous Training (both on site and online)
– Ability to work in complex projects of Fortune500 as well as small companies.
– Contribute with your suggestions and see your feedback and opinion impact products used by millions worldwide
– Be part of a growing team full of talent