Wealthsimple is on a mission to help everyone achieve financial freedom, no matter who they are or how much they have. Using smart technology, Wealthsimple takes financial services that are often confusing, opaque and expensive and makes them simple, transparent, and low-cost. We’re the company behind some of Canada’s leading digital financial products, and are growing faster than ever.
We’re a remote-first team and output is more important than face time, so where you choose to work is up to you — as long as you have internet access, you can work from anywhere in Canada. Be a part of our Canadian success story and help shape the financial future of millions — join us! Read our Culture Manual and learn more about how we work.
At Wealthsimple, we are building products for a diverse world and we need a diverse team to do that successfully. We strongly encourage applications from everyone regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. Wealthsimple provides an accessible candidate experience. If you need any accommodations or adjustments throughout the interview process and beyond, please let us know.
Throughout the interview process, we’ll learn more about your skills and interests to match you with the right team at Wealthsimple 🙌.

About the Team

It sounds obvious to say, but Wealthsimple needs to be reliable. Our clients literally trust us with their life savings and we are a crucial, high-trust part of their complete financial picture. Similarly, our clients expect new, delightful features and products to be introduced to the Wealthsimple ecosystem regularly. Edge Reliability empowers internal service owners to get their new features and products into the hands of clients while ensuring that Wealthsimple remains reliable.
This role has as much cultural influence as technical influence within our Engineering organization. We create tooling and frameworks for other teams to use and only add as much process as is necessary (and never more) to ensure services are resilient and reliable.

What we’re working on 🚀

  • Creating and maintaining tools that empower all teams across Wealthsimple to improve reliability for our Clients
  • Proactively strengthening our systems using conditioning principles and practices including load testing, stress testing, and game days
  • Implementing solutions for tracking Service Level Objectives (SLOs) across the organization
  • Strengthening our approach to development, deployment, and maintenance of services that expose public endpoints
  • Maintaining reliability at the edge by acting as stewards of our edge gateways
  • Setting and holding opinions about component-based and microservice architecture patterns into our codebases
  • Developing reliability, resilience, stability, and speed accountability metrics for all teams
  • Building a culture of incident management and automation during incidents
  • Formalizing and centralizing the efforts across the company to offer consistent reliability for all products

Scope & Impact:

  • Actively contribute to architecture decisions and build software affecting large parts of the organization
  • Define best practices and standards that affect multiple teams, and hold teams accountable to these standards
  • Mentor engineers at all levels
  • Improve developer productivity and quality at the level of an engineering domain (e.g., Trade) or a particular technology (e.g., Rails)
  • Work with staff engineers to curate and evolve our company-wide technology and tools

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is able to clearly and effectively communicate, internally and externally, the organization’s vision and strategy and explain technical decisions
  • Has experience building, evolving, and maintaining large, reliable, and scalable systems
  • Is a mentor and who will have a large positive impact on morale and company culture
  • Is an effective listener, consensus builder and effectively incorporates diverse ideas into a coherent vision

Our tech stack:

  • We have a service-oriented architecture with 150+ services
  • These services are a mixture of Ruby on Rails, Java/Kotlin, NodeJS
  • Our front end user interfaces are written in React and React Native with TypeScript
  • We run a containerized platform on AWS and highly leverage technologies like Aurora, SQS, SNS, S3, Kafka and GraphQL

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