The Android Player team is responsible for the video playback experience on our Android application that millions use daily to connect with the stories they love whenever and wherever they want. In the last year, we’ve expanded to support new exciting use cases such as live streaming and seamless advertising. We are looking for a software engineer to join our team to help us deliver on the video playback challenges ahead.
As an Android Playback engineer, you’ll join a team with a diverse set of technical skills who partner cross-functionally with our product, device security, encoding, and data science teams. We also work closely with Google, silicon vendors, and device manufacturers to ensure a best in class experience across a wide range of Android devices.
People who excel on our team are self-motivated, intensely curious, selfless, and highly collaborative. A big part of our ability to drive global growth comes from fostering inclusion and building diversity within our team. Our team is made up of engineers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. We believe the plurality of experience, opinions, and skills within our team is responsible for our success.

What sets you apart?

  • You are self-motivated and proactively look for solutions to bridge the needs of the business with technology
  • You go deep to understand problems and identify the root cause
  • You use data to inform your intuition and choices
  • You seek alternate perspectives to improve your ideas
  • You make time to help colleagues across the company succeed

What skills are important to us?

  • Strong software architecture skill set, and skilled in both Java and Kotlin
  • Experience with multithreading programming and memory management
  • Solid understanding of Android’s media stack and Exoplayer open-source project
  • Comfortable analyzing data to gain insights that drive improvements in app quality
  • Experience writing automated tests and using them to power short feedback cycles in a continuous integration environment
  • Some experience with A/B testing, and developing experiments to test your hypotheses to improve app performance

Why Netflix?

  • Work with other high-performing engineers where you will be constantly learning and sharpening your skill set
  • We validate our judgment through AB testing with real customers instead of assuming we know what is best
  • Your work will have a direct and measurable impact on the business
  • Our culture is unique, and we live by our values, so it’s worth learning more about us at jobs.netflix.com
At Netflix, we carefully consider a wide range of compensation factors to determine your personal top of market. We rely on market indicators to determine compensation and consider your specific job, skills, and experience to get it right. These considerations can cause your compensation to vary and will also be dependent on your location.
The overall market range for roles in this area of Netflix is typically $100,000 – $700,000
This market range is based on total compensation (vs. only base salary), which is in line with our compensation philosophy. Netflix is a unique culture and environment. Learn more here.

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