Work From Home Packing Cards Singapore

Work From Home Packing Cards Singapore

Job Description

Work From Home Packing Cards Singapore, A packager helps ensure that manufactured items are ready for shipment by placing them into containers, sealing and labeling the items, and preparing the item for transport. Another common name for this position is product packager. Packagers are responsible for cleaning packaging materials, loading items into containers, and weighing and labeling the items appropriately.

As one of the final checkpoints between buyer and manufacturer, packagers perform several important functions. They must ensure that all items are in proper working order. Any defective items must be discarded according to company procedures. Packagers place completed products into containers and prepare them for shipment by weighing, labeling, and recording information about each package.

Packagers must then ensure that the prepared packages make it to their designated locations, such as loading zones or into inventory. Packagers must be thorough in their work. Attention to detail is key. Packagers are responsible for ensuring that items make it safely to their destinations. They must securely seal each container. They must be able to use hand tools, adhesives, padding, and other products to protect the item. Packagers must keep a clean work area and observe all company safety standards.

Hiring Organization

Expressprint (Toa Payoh)

Post Name



10th Pass



Employment Type

Full Time

Work Hours

8 Hours


SGD 2500 To SGD 3000 Per Month


Work From Home

Hiring Organization

Expressprint (Toa Payoh)

About Organization

We are a commercial printing company with vast experience. Our outstanding reputation for high-quality service and customer satisfaction is the result of a long-term commitment to excellence. Expressprint is a one-stop solutions portal. We provide a diversified range of printing services such as offset printing, digital printing, large format printing, and sublimation printing that will meet your printing needs.

Being furnished with the latest technology and our team of creative and talented staff, we are sure to provide you with superb value; high-quality, customized designs, and superior service. We will strive to deliver only the best print, design, and services to all our customers regardless of sales value, quantity, and/or difficulty.

More and more people are looking for a practical way to work from home and still enjoy a liveable income. And while a printing business is just one of many home-based opportunities, it has its advantages. The primary advantage is virtually no front-end dollar investment. Your investment is your time. The traditional way to get started was to find one or more printers in your area and re-sell their services.


  • Pack, weigh, and label completed items for shipment or storage.
  • Follow all company guidelines regarding packaging.
  • Identify and dispose of defective items.
  • Properly use packaging materials, including hand tools, glues, nails, padding, etc.
  • Keep complete records of all materials that go through the warehouse.
  • Maintain a clean work area.

Skills And Requirements

  • Experience in manufacturing or related field is preferred.
  • Basic shop skills, such as using hand tools.
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Strong communication skills and desire to work with other team members.


  • Superfast infrastructure deployment. Packer images allow you to launch completely provisioned and configured machines in seconds, rather than several minutes or hours.
  • Multi-provider portability.
  • Improved stability.
  • Greater testability.
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